Claude Monet picture

Claude Monet's impressionist art works Early works from Argenteuil, London and Venice campaigns, Haystacks and Rouen Cathedral series, Nympheas: all the paintings by Monet organized by topics.

Claude Monet's house and garden

House and Garden of Monet in West Paris Giverny France with the famous water lily pond, Japanese bridge and flower garden. Blooming calendar. Visitors information and tips to prepare your trip.

Claude Monet life

 Biography of French painter Claude Oscar MONET (1840 Paris- 1926 Giverny).  Lifeline of Monet, master of Impressionism.

Claude Monet Life and Art

En Francais : La Vie et l'Oeuvre de Claude Monet : claude monet

Claude Monet by himself

Claude Oscar Monet tells his life Memoirs of the master of  Giverny, with anecdotes and tributes to his friends Renoir, Sisley, Jongkind, Bazille...

Claude Monet Giverny

The village of Giverny Normandy France the village of Monet was an artists colony for American painters and still attract painters today.

Claude Monet in museums
Claude Monet paintings in Museums
public collections featuring canvases by Monet

Claude monet exhibition

Claude Oscar Monet Fine Art Exhibitions, all the exhibitions since 1998 dedicated to Monet throughout the world.

monet venice

Claude Monet in Venice The last travel of Alice and Claude Monet to Italy in 1908. Monet painted masterpieces like Saint Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk or Twilight, the Grand Canal, the gondolas...

claude Monet colors

The impressionist use of colors by Claude Monet in his painting, palette, shadows, black, the effects of cataract...

japanese woodblocks collection

Monet has never been in Japan, but he has been collecting Japanese woodblock engravings for three decades and has been influenced by them.

giverny news blog

Giverny News, is a daily blog in french related to Giverny and its area and also Claude Oscar Monet and his friends.

Giverny Monet Impression

Giverny Impression is a blog with an impressive Giverny Photo Gallery and with some Giverny Tourist Information including Giverny Day tours from Paris, a map of Giverny area Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and Restaurants.

It gives a background on Giverny Gardens Ambiance as it can be felt by a local Guide Interpreter.  

Claude Monet book

Fine art books about Claude Monet and his garden in Giverny

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